IDE and Editors for learning Javascript etc

+1 Robert Field · November 9, 2015

To start learning 'everything' from basic HTML tutorials, Javascript with all the potential add ons.

What is the sensible IDE to install. (I'm sure there will be many opinions).

I'm already an embedded C coder but need to learn web tools, so I'm familiar with many concepts, but not had any real experience using them.

The plan is to work through the basics and quickly up into Javascript - but I need to move into server side coding asap.
There are just way too many routes to go so I'm looking for opinions to gain some clarity.

I've seen references made to Webstorm, IntelliJ, Notepad++ and others in forums and on the tutorials.
Even going to the Webstorm website - it isn't clear what you get between IntelliJ and Webstorm - from the same supplier.

My main requirement is for Javascript. So - no need to develop Android  stuff, no Ruby, and nothing too esoteric.
But I do want the tools to be current and best in class to make this as painless as possible.


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0 Ronald McCarty · November 10, 2015
Did you try using sublime.
Its free, for one.
It has got this beautiful looking black interface to work on.
Pretty basic and powerful. 
I say sublime texteditor.
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.. works for evrything.

BTW, there is no need to think so much about "sensible" IDEs, just let ir rip.
Go code now. And if you already started, then peace off mate.
0 Scott Walker · November 12, 2015
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0 Rian F · November 12, 2015
Sublime Text or any editor it good enough. I'm in my third year of a CS degree and we still use text editors and commend windows. We only use IDE's when its completely necessary. Even when I was working I was encouraged to use text editors before IDE's. So get a text editor, sit down and write code. 
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