Android Studio faild to install hamx

+1 ohad sharet · November 8, 2015
hay i am not sure if this is the forum to post this post but i coldent thoght about a better place 

i just installed he Android Studio on my pc and i got the error /images/forum/upload/2015-11-07/ca2762836da02586d29ef45b6c8c8ead.png

thanks for your help 

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0 Alan . · November 9, 2015
I had this problem. Start with your BIOS settings. Maker sure you have enabled (CPU) Virtual Technology.
Then reboot and download Intel HAXM
0 Alan . · November 9, 2015
I had this problem. Boot into BIOS and make sure that (CPU) Virtual Technology is enabled. Then if you haven't already done it, download HAXM.
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