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+1 Ledjon Shtika · November 7, 2015
Hi y'all,
I've been trying to add ads to my app, but every time I try to run it whether it be threw Android Studio or creating a apk of my app and trying to run it on my phone to view the ad. I can never get the ads to work. The banner never shows up. I've tried fallowing the instructions on but no matter how many times I read those instructions the banner for the ad never shows on my app. I was wondering if anyone has a video or really good instructions on how to add ads to an app threw android studio. Or if possible, if bucky can make a video on how  to add ads to apps.
Thanks y'all

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0 Monty Mason · November 14, 2015
Are you running this app in the emulator?

I believe actual ads won't pop up while your app is in development. And I think Google has a policy against it as well.
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