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+1 Aurelio Martuscelli · July 28, 2014
Hello everyone 

I opened an account today as publisher, copied and pasted the code from ads on my website. I see how many views were made. So far, everything works perfectly. 

However, not found in any section of the website information forms of payment, payment dates and payment limits. As I did not find where to put my BitCoin address. 

I thank anyone who could help me. 

Thank you

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+1 Pere Garau Burguera · July 28, 2014
Take a look here:


If you have still any doubts, I'll be happy to answer them.

And BTW, welcome to BuckysRoom!
0 Aurelio Martuscelli · July 28, 2014
Hello and warm welcome, friend.

But... I still can't add my real bitcoin adress. I can see one other BTC adress not mine, is this my new BTC adress in My Wallet page?

Thanks a lot

+1 Pere Garau Burguera · July 28, 2014
Yep, when you sign up a new address is given automatically, so yeah what's in your wallet is your actual address where all bitcoins earned on BR will be sent. 
0 Jonah Morrison · July 29, 2014
You can send your earned bitcoins to your own wallet. Note there is a fee...
0 uzairaziz Qureshi · July 29, 2014
Hello Sir,
I have Same Problem I joined Publisher Account & now my balance is 0.001 BTC But How can I withdraw in my Bitcoin Adress.
Please Help Me...
0 Bucky Roberts · July 29, 2014
You will get paid once a week, if your current balance is above 0.001 BTC. All payments will be sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet.


Edit: I just ran the payment processing script manually. Check your wallet now and see if you have any Bitcoin.
0 uzairaziz Qureshi · July 29, 2014
Yes Now I have Seen In my wallet 0.00099 Can I send to my blockchain wallet
0 Bucky Roberts · July 29, 2014
Sure, you may have to wait for some more confirmations though. Also, remember that there is a .0001 transaction fee, so you will need to deduct that if you try to send the full amount. 
0 uzairaziz Qureshi · August 9, 2014
Hello Bucky I have 0.0023 BTC In my current Balance I want To transfer in bitcoin wallet Please Transfer.
Thanx In Advance.
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