Hey everyone

+4 Jean DeZonia · July 28, 2014
Hey everyone,

Well, this is my 2nd post and i figured I should introduce myself because I do plan on being active in these forums.

Well, I'm over here in Boerne, Texas. I'm 25 and about to start my 3rd semester in a Master's of Science program in Management information systems. I love programming (java that is... its the only one i've tried) and I want to learn as much as I can. Bucky's videos are amazing and I love how he makes them short and to the point.

Anyways, I have a beautiful baby boy as you can see by my picture, I love working out, playing video games and learning programming. I can't wait to become better at this stuff to where I can make games, apps and program I feel like. The future is exciting and bucky is gonna help me get to where I want to be :D

Also, if anyone else wants to chat about anything, especially programming you can shoot me an IM.

I'm at work from 5 to 5 and I get extremely bored here!


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0 Jonah Morrison · July 28, 2014
Nice to meet you! :)
0 Jean DeZonia · July 28, 2014
Thank you, I'm excited to make new friends who have the same interest as me! :D
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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