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+1 Nicolas C · November 4, 2015
Hey guys, so i have to do this school project and the objective was to create something (whatever we wanted)
so I decided I wanted to make an app (game) with android studio.
But i don't know how to start.
I would really appreciate it if someone would help me to make this project together or tell me what to do
This project should be finished in May so there's lots of time to create something great.

Thanks in advance

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0 Jon Z. · November 5, 2015
Start by watching the tutorials.
0 Nicolas C · November 6, 2015
yes I already started, im at video 31 now.
But what I must do is a complete app.
thenewboston starts a new project everytime
0 Akshay Narula · November 6, 2015
Choose an Idea 1st, 
what project do? what is the need?
Any Specification What Kind of Project is considered in School?

Is there any particular reason to choose Android App Development?
or What are other Programming languages you learnt before? 
Tell Me I'll Help You
0 monica sharma · November 7, 2015
Well If it is only for the Project and the objective is not to learn java and advance android development.
Then i would strictly recommend Android app Inventor 2.
It is Fun and i am pretty sure you can complete and develop the app in just 3 hours. (Yes, seriously 3 hours)
Just go through the basic tutorials and check it for yourself.
0 Nicolas C · November 7, 2015
Clark Kentanabi i know you are right but I think that the video of thenewboston are not enough
I just want someone to guide me you know, someone that will tell me how i get started
I already watched 30 videos of his tutorials
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