+1 Zurrell Loriez · July 28, 2014
So Ive been using a LAMP for a long time now but I was looking into Neo4j a graph database and would love to use it. Problem is im strictly a coder and have zero knowledge of setting up Neo to work with php. Ive even tried following the instructions on thier site for luck. I hope servers start coming pre configured with php and neo.

Does anyone else use neo as thier database? I hope Bucky will get into it and make a sweet tutorial for it.

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+1 Eugene Botma · July 29, 2014
We used c# with the applicable API
+1 Eugene Botma · July 28, 2014
I've set up a few neo4j DB's. The server is easy enough to install and configure on Linux. I've never used the php API for it though, so I can't help you there. If you can give me more info on what specifically is wrong (like a screenshot of the error or something) i might be able to help you.

a word of caution though: the servers aren't extremely stable, especially if you use a clustered instance of the server. Performance is great, but it used to break 3-4 times a week when we used it regularly.
0 Zurrell Loriez · July 29, 2014
What script language do you use with Neo?
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