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+1 Anxhelo Sako · July 28, 2014
hey guys , i just finished watching the php tutorials in videos section.
if there is someone who would like to start a new project with me (something easy to start practicing ) i`d really appriciate! 

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+1 Nikola Novakovic · July 29, 2014
It would be awesome if you did your first project on your own :)
+1 JOhaL jaTT · July 29, 2014
Definitely Dude I Am With You..........
-2 Kwame Oteng · August 20, 2014
What do you want us to build? I am always ready
+1 Aubree Keegan · August 21, 2014
You could start with a PHP game. Those are always fun :)
0 Roopavathy Baskaran · August 28, 2014
Me too will join with you....
0 Aubree Keegan · August 28, 2014
You should make a new forum thread if you are creating a PHP game and then you can post the PHP code there. If anyone has any changes we can just post the code there and keep track of everything in one place  :happy:
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