+4 thomas lee · November 4, 2015
Hey guys i sick and tired of stressing out and worrying about finding a job building some other jack offs game... Very unsatisfyingI wanted to get involved in game develop to enjoy what I do not be stressed and unhappy....

Im looking for a group of people
that have some time on their hands and some skills to put in practice and try to build something independent, a complete team created effort on a team conceptualized idea no gods no managers!!   ... At best we come up with something special.... at worst we get well needed experience working as a group and get a chance to put something in our portfolios that is bigger and better than what we could do on our own....

Fuck the dumb shit the industry is going indie... and whats cooler than getting a job in the game industry....well skipping the rat creating a job a for yourself in the industry.....  it can be done and it happens all the time now... thats where you can potentially make the big buck too..

Any skill level all ideas welcome as long as they are serious about building something...

contact me
Tom Lee

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+1 Tevil Leodavi · November 7, 2015
I really wanna join but I just start learning so... :(
+1 Jeff the Killer · November 10, 2015
I would like to but i am still learning
+1 Barik Yusif · May 8, 2016
Hello i to join
+1 Sampan Verma · May 10, 2016
I have many ideas and working on many of them. I dont get time from my self Game Creation. though none of them is publicly available, I know the potential of my games. 

In case you didnt knew :
0 John Wasserman · July 5, 2016
I am interested!
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