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+4 Jean DeZonia · July 28, 2014
Hey everyone, first time posting in this forums. I have been watching Bucky's "Gregs" videos for a while now, and i'm almost done with his beginner videos for java.

What do I do after this? Do i go to the Intermediate videos or do I go to some gaming videos?

My goal is to learn java to the best of my ability and find a job with it, I want to take the OCA Java Associate and Professional certification exams asap, BUT I also want to have some fun with this stuff (make games, especially android games to put on the market)...

Also a little about me, i'm currently pursing my Master's in Management information systems, and I need something to help me get into the IT field, because what the heck is the point of having a master's without any experience!

Anyways, I would love some input and if there is a thread about this already i'm sorry, but I couldn't find one.

Thank you for your help


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0 Developer John · September 5, 2014
Eh, I started reading Head First Java. I never really liked how it was organized. There were way too many pictures used as examples. If you want, you could just practice a little more by learning smaller things separately, then go into intermediate. 
0 Jean DeZonia · September 4, 2014
Competitions? What do you mean?
-1 Jean DeZonia · August 19, 2014

When you suggest doing my own application do you mean Java project or android project?

I plan on learning XML soon, after I get SQL down well and finish the XHTML series (9 more vids left)...
0 John Farrell · August 19, 2014
Well, I guess after getting java tutorials I think you should try coding your own application ! In this way you can get more depth knowledge on how to with Java . :) 
0 Jean DeZonia · August 18, 2014

You have my exact interest! LOL i was looking for a good place to learn XML and will try the website lynda.com :D 
0 Austin Bakanec · August 17, 2014
Depends on what your interested in doing, after I'm done the beginner series I plan on learning XML on lynda.com (I'd be pretty cool if Bucky did a tutorial on this.) cause I'm planning on making a fairly complex Web App.
0 Erlend Haaland · August 9, 2014
I recomend checking out udemy.com It's a learning website with a lot of subjects, including Java and other computer programming languages. Some courses are free others cost.
0 Jean DeZonia · August 6, 2014
Those are good videos to watch after the beginners series? 

I want to make sure i'm efficient in Java... Enough to go get a cert if need be, I believe that may help a lot when it comes to showing what I have and getting a job. Certs Programmer I and Programmer II + apps may get me something I want!

I was also told about interns, I was unaware that I could find one that could actually make pretty good money... I'm going to look into that also.
0 first last · July 30, 2014
here are some very good videos to watch 


0 Jean DeZonia · July 30, 2014
Kam that is awesome.

You told me exactly what I hoped to hear :)

That is what i was planning, make a portfolio of games and apps that I can hopefully get a decent number of users and use that as my "Java experience"...

Hope that works well for me.
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