I do believe Perl should be an amazing programming language, I didn't use it though.
For searching a lot of information about Perl on the internet, it was applied in different purpose widely like web development,
OS management and automated task, etc.

Some people say Perl becomes older and older day by day, Python is the better alternative.
However, some people say the community of Perl (Official forum maybe?) is still so active.
I like the philosophy behind Perl "There are a lot of ways to do the same thing" and it is its advantage and disadvantage
at the same time. Because it is not good for team development and easily confuse the other programmer.

But it gives me a feeling like you can program in a very very free style just build up something very fast and chaos, 
no need to think about too much details. Regular Expression was affected by this language so much I think?
Regular Expression is definitely a pretty smart and flexible way to replace the verbose code, I used it in PowerShell.
The other reason I think Perl is good because the library of Perl is enormous (CPAN?).

Any experts in Perl can express their opinion here? I want to know more about it. Is it worth for me to invest time to learn
how to write Perl? Or I should learn Python, Ruby or even GO language instead?