Problem in AVD.. no Virtual device launched but not working.

+1 Nirjan Munshi · November 2, 2015
I have faced a lot of problems while installing android studio. so that i moved on to eclipse mars1. and i started to go through the video of this website. Now i have successfully installed the eclipse and set up all the necessary. but two problem arise at last.

1. I couldn't find the main.xml file in the layout folder. though i have go through the video carefully. dont know why it is not created. 2. and the second is that, i have created the virtual device with API 8 android 2.2. but its not opening. Whenever i click on start button. a black colored windows opened. and thats it. no change. 

Please help me. I am posting the screen shot /images/forum/upload/2015-11-02/b1f0cc1704103e0c0b044365ff0e3556.png

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0 Rajendra Rajput · November 3, 2015
first u install HAXM...
it is a tool which accelerate ur laptop or desktop.
so u can easily run ur AVD.
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