Confused b/w Empty Activity And Blank Activity

+1 Akshay Narula · November 2, 2015
help me please
in tutorial there is only one main Layout

But whenever i  Add Project with Blank Activity there is two Layouts 
Activity_Main.xml   &   Content_Main.xml

if i use Empty Activity there is only one layout

what is the difference b/w Empty Activity And Blank Activity.

i guess both words have same meaning, isn't it

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0 Nitin Tekale · March 11, 2016
Empty activity gives you a totally plain white screen on it.
Blank activity will give you an action bar along with an empty activity
0 Nitin Tekale · March 11, 2016
When you add blank activity it also adds content.xml in which you design your layout. Activity_main.xml contains include content.xml so Android studio merge both and show the layout.
0 Kiz Ken · November 4, 2015
Hi all, The content_main.xml is a new feature added to new versions of Android Studio(and Android generally), you put all your layout designs in content_main.xml and then include it in activity_main.xml(you don't have to worry about doing this as Android studio does it for you when you create the project). 
The activity_main.xml is now used to define how the Activity is displayed, and the Floating Action Button. You can follow the tutorial but put your layout designs in content_main.xml. Don't do anything with the activity_main.xml for now until you are good enough to work with it.
0 Akshay Narula · November 3, 2015
This all happens to me in this 1.41 update,
before 1.41 i have  those two activities but not rendering issues like i face after this update

i tried everything
there is only one preview update available at canary Channel.
but by mistake i ignored it, now shown no update available
0 menahem cohen · November 3, 2015
Akshay Narula
 i am using version 1.41

Akshay Tiwari 
for you problem that you have errors in renderng try this "file>indivaladate caches /reastart> indivaladate and reastart.

for me this help
0 Akshay Tiwari · November 3, 2015
@Akshay - I have Android Studio 1.4 installed on my system.

@Joe - Please elaborate on 'Change your Updates channel to Dev Channel instead of the stable channel.' Couldn't understand.
0 Akshay Narula · November 3, 2015
I am Using Android Studio Version 1.41 and U?
0 Akshay Tiwari · November 2, 2015
Hey there,

I dont have a solution to your answer but have  the same concern, I am not a pro developer but I feel there is a slight change in the UI of both the activity.
The blank activity has a little message kind of a box at the left corner and an extra code in Activity_Main.xml file.

I would also like to make a point that I have just started following the android app development following the tutorials and got stuck up at very early stage. I think it about the confusion between the name of activities. 

As soon as I select a blank activity, the screen popup some Render error and because of this I am not able to drag and drop anything onto my project screen. Please let me know if you have same kind of issue.

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