Eid Mubarak!!

+6 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
Eid Mubarak, everybody!! :)

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+1 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
1. I said I'm sorry.
2. I am a kid.
3.Me too.
4. It was a friendly greeting which I assured you won't happen again.
5. Why are we fighting over this? I agreed with you, you taught me the rules and I've barely been here 3 weeks so just stop. OK?

P.S When I said "who says I can't give people greetings" I wasn't talking about you or targeting you. It was just a general statment talking about the world not having a rule against giving people greetings. I never mean't any offence.
+1 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
I know that but who says I can't give greetings to other people?
+1 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
Did I say that you mentioned that I cannot? :D :P
+1 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
Ok ! I am sorry, never gonna happen again. Happy?
0 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
0 Abdullah Nauman · July 18, 2015
In my personal opinion there is nothing wrong. With just saying Eid Mubarik. Nor do I understand how it can lead to a flame war. It ps just like saying Merry Christmas.
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