question about installation and running the IDE..

+1 siddhartha sharma · November 2, 2015
hello SIR

is it complusary to have mac order to make ios applicaion for iphone.....can't we run it on our windows pc ???? 

Or any alternate method to practise the app development in windows pc ????

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0 Aju Antony · November 19, 2015

It is possible to develop iPhone application on Windows using Virtual Machine. But considering the tedious amount of process you have to go through to achieve this, and the performance issue that you'll face with using a VM. it is much sensible to just get a macbook instead.

you have to use a Virtual Machine because xCode IDE which is used to develop iOS apps is made specifically for MacOS.

but if you are still interested to give this a go, you can look into the following blog which explains this better,

Happy Coding :D
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