AVD not working...Not able to see anything...help!

+1 Soon Terk Keoh · November 1, 2015

i try to start an AVD and i found that it stay at this condition for  a very long time. i wait for more than hours but it still the same...anything wrong? :(


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0 Soon Terk Keoh · November 2, 2015

sorry that the picture i attach not clear enough. Yes, i'm using HAXM and something wrong on the HAXM. 
 i had reinstall the new version of HAXM and it is now working fine. Thanks a lot! :)
0 Gary Whitney · November 1, 2015
I can't see your logCat because the AVD manager window is covering it.
What I can sees is Adjust your Ram size and configure for fast Virtual mode.

What I can't see is if you are using HAXM.

Please review similar posts to get ideas for configuring your emulator.
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