Well a little about myself is what this section is for, so I might as well introduce myself. I was born in a small town in Idaho and have been living in Utah for over a couple of decades now. I enjoy watching football (Green Bay Packers) and Basketball (San Antonio Spurs), canning veggies from our garden (especially salsa), camping, and fishing (just started three years ago, too bad because I lived where one of the best steelhead fishing is in Idaho). I have already enjoyed playing around on the computers and graphics. I probably not want to build web pages for a living at least until I understand it better sine the really know the basic HTML until I started to get back into it since I built my first page back in 1998 and boy how things have changed. I would like to go with a graphic designer or photographer as the purpose for my page, with other ideas to come so my idea does not get taken (hopefully). My goal is to quit my job within the next 5 years once revenue is coming from my web page.  Well I have bent your ears rambling; I get this from my wife whom I married on Samhain (Halloween) 11/1/97.

I forgot to add
I will also accept all friend request!
And I have watched Bucky's videos for awhile now.
Eddie Davis