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+2 Kaila Rodriguez · July 27, 2014
Can anyone teach me the basics of Cobol Programming. I'm a 2nd college student and it's one of my majors. I'm having trouble understanding it. Can someone please help me? ^_^

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0 Jacob Selvestar · November 18, 2016
Cobol is the computer programming that is especially used for business and government organization. If you want to learn Cobol then you can search in Google about tutorials and pdfs. online tutorials will help you to gain a good knowledge in cobol.
0 axel vincent · October 17, 2016

0 Kaila Rodriguez · August 2, 2014
Well technically it's been 1 month since our last meeting because of no classes caused by typhoons and stuff and midterms are coming he said that we should know how to write a simple cobol program for our midterms hahaha.
0 Kaila Rodriguez · August 1, 2014
No we don't have one. Here in the Philippines banks still use Cobol as their main program. That's why we still have to learn it.
0 Kaila Rodriguez · July 29, 2014
Well yeah technically it's hard to find resources online I'm not going to post something here if I found a useful one online wouldn't I? I'm just searching for tutorial. This site has taught me a lot about Java and it's one of my majors so don't tell me no one can teach me how to do Cobol okay?
0 Kaila Rodriguez · July 27, 2014
Of course I tried searching in google, but can't understand it it's for advanced programmers. I'm just a beginner I just want to know the basics of Cobol. There's no programming tutorial videos in buckysroom but I learning Java. 
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