Android Studio is very slow

0 Richo Andy · October 30, 2015
Hi guys, i am trying to learn new langauge, which is java android

so I follow the instruction from the new boston in youtube, to install android studio and all the SDKs needed

but apparently, this apps is too slow and heavy
my computer is using intel i7, with 4gb ram, and i couldnt even can load the android emulator, which is the nexus 5

any of you guys have suggestion what should I use ?
because im afraid if i use different IDE, I will get lost since thenewboston using android studio in his tutorial


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0 Parth Gupta · October 31, 2015
android studio is a heavy it can b slow.
for this you can increase your ram to 8gb.
and if your ADE is not working ie your emulator is doesn't get loaded then you can edit the ADE and make the size on disc as 1gb. even if initially it is 1 gb still edit and make the change.
0 Gary Whitney · October 30, 2015
Only the AVD emulator should be slow if you don't have the HAXM installed.
I think it is covered in the second tutorial under install in Extras.

There are different AVDs, Those that use x86 and those that don't.

If you have  and Intel processor that supports HAXM then you can use the AVDs that use x86 system images.

Click the device you want to use in AVD manager and click the  edit icon.

   the second line down will confirm if the device is using an x86 system image.

If  you don't have and Intel processor you will need to clone the device and modify it so it has a non x86 system image.

If you do then here is my "canned" answer.

1. You need to have an Intel chip set that supports HAXM.

2. You have to turn it on in your BIOS

3. You need to download AND install HAXM in your SDK manager.

I found this link and followed instructions for installing using Studio >  Tools > Android> SDK Manager
0 Mohsin Ali · November 1, 2015
Use GENYMOTION if your emulator is slow 
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