C++ Sfml 2.0 tutorials?

+1 Adam Coolkid · July 27, 2014
Anyone here interested in c++ SFML tutorials?

 Ive personally been wanting to learn SFML for some small 2d game projects and there is not to many good tutorial videos out there, but I know that Bucky could do it some justice.
Comment whether your interested or not!

Anyways general SFML talk, any of you programmers using it and or similar libraries? And if so what for, and are there decent tutorials for it?

Btw if your looking for a 2d game made with SFML you can check out Atom Zombie Smasher. Probably the best game Ive seen made with it, visually and gameplay wise.

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0 Adam Coolkid · July 28, 2014
Should i invest in learning Opengl then instead? Or should i be using a combination of them both?
0 Adam Coolkid · July 28, 2014
Well by 2.0 i just meant any of the recent versions. I am actually using 2.1. Well i guess im off to learn OpenGl then, i have already learned the basics of SFML.

Any good resources on learning the code structure of a 2d game? I learn the code but when it comes to writing a program i get stuck on how im going to implement things like a menus, buttons, when to use classes for things and when to just put it in the main class.
0 Adam Coolkid · July 28, 2014
Sorry for the slow thread, i just made an account and my posts have to be approved by an admin. Which seems to take a few hrs or so. Im checking into that SFML Game Development book now.
0 first last · July 30, 2014

0 Adam Coolkid · July 31, 2014
Yah, i already watched all those SFML 2.0 tutorials, but he doesn't go to in depth.
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