Making game or larger program !

0 Valdimar Melrakki · October 29, 2015
Here are so many great tutorial and great forum so I got thinking.
What if we make somtheng that include many programming languages -graphic ans so on...
this way people have a place to work og specific things or learn how all cames to gether in sted just all doing there own things and using forum as Help pages.
When this enerprice is started it is good to use the tutorial that is already here and I belive this is great place for people to have fun doing somtheng with other programmers.
What kind of stuff this can be maby we give Bucky that choice.

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0 Valdimar Melrakki · October 30, 2015
one language for graphic anoter for structure and maby another one for net ...and so on
0 Developer John · October 29, 2015
Lmao, many programming languages! I have to laugh at that one!
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