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0 Franz Schmidt · October 29, 2015
Got a question here guys:

What's the best way to make a loading animation for an image while it gets donwloaded?

I allready found some solutions:
Using loadingView.setVisibility(View.GONE) when image is donwloaded
Make a thread for the loading animation
Make a asyncTask with doInBackground and stuff

Hope someone can help me :ermm:

Greetings Franz

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0 Gary Whitney · October 30, 2015
Did you try developer.android.com and search for ProgressDialog?
0 Franz Schmidt · October 30, 2015
Ok will have a look at it but I think progress dialogs only open a little window infront of the activity or am I wrong?
0 Franz Schmidt · October 30, 2015
Ok found a nice solution here:

It's not ProgressDialog but ProgressBar what I was searching for:

Thanks Gary:)
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