Failed to Install Android Studio. Intel HAXM problem occurs. Need help

+1 Nirjan Munshi · October 30, 2015
I am new to Android Development, and have started to watch the tutorial videos. Want to be Android Developer in Future. I hope everyone will have patience with me as I ask a few questions.

After downloading and installing Java JDK (jdk-8u65-windows-i586) and doing the necessary steps I have tried to install Android Studio (android-studio-bundle-141.1980579-windows). But an error occurs every time.

While installing android studio I have got an error message “Failed to update Intel HAXM. For details, please check the installation log: ‘C:\Users\COMPU\AppData\Local\Temp\nsb1526.tmp\haxm_silent_run.log’ “
After clicking the "ok" button it shows that your installation complete. 

Next I clicked on starts menu – all Programs – Android Studio
Next I right clicked on Android Studio and clicked “Run as Administrator”. After that is runs but won’t work. Few minutes later it gives a huge error message.

I have downloaded the Intel HAXM file from Internet and installed that too. but it won't work. The Problem remains same every time.

please help me to install this. i am really confused what to do next. I am attaching the Screen shots of that errors. 


Thanks in Advance

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0 Leon Farchau · November 16, 2015
For Intel have a look here:
0 Gary Armstrong · November 14, 2015
HAXM will not run one AMD processor. You need a computer with Intel Core processor.
0 Rohit Vishwakarma · November 15, 2015
I also faced the problm 1......pls help me out
0 Rohit Vishwakarma · November 15, 2015
I have System running on intel core processor but still I m facing problem 1. please help me out.
0 Alan . · November 15, 2015
You can use an AMD CPU. You just need to install  arm software. 
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