Looking for a 2-man job in Web Development field

+4 Donald Trump · October 28, 2015
If you are experienced in bootstrap, send me a PM with your skype name so we can start earning some $ :)

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+2 Donald Trump · October 30, 2015
+2 Donald Trump · October 31, 2015
+1 Divulger Michealson · October 31, 2015
well i am more into jQuery
+1 Donald Trump · November 1, 2015
It is good that you know jQuery because it would really help in this process, but it is not enough. By saying "good experience with bootstrap" includes HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, basically all the frontend stuff.

Also, if you know jQuery, you probably know html/css, right?
+1 Divulger Michealson · November 1, 2015
dude that you mean 
totally idnt get taught bootstrap was something different
and yea Am "good at them all "
+1 Divulger Michealson · November 1, 2015
well javascript i can handle a few things 
+1 Divulger Michealson · November 1, 2015
Here is proof 
+1 Barik Yusif · April 20, 2016
Let's go
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