Problem while installing Android Studio..

+3 Nirjan Munshi · October 28, 2015
Today i am going to install Android Studio. I have tried several times but all time one error occurs. A message box comes where this message appears "Failed to install Intel HAXM.  For details, please, check the installation log: C:\Users\COMPU\AppData\Local\Temp\msx5D4C.tmp\haxm_silent_run.log "
What to do... please help

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0 Nirjan Munshi · November 2, 2015
Yes i have done that too. also downloaded the intel haxm file externally from intel site. but the problem remains same. i am using intel i3 3rd gen processor. and my ram is 4 gb. 

 at first when i have not installed the intel haxm the problem was like "failed to installed intel haxm ... "
and after installing the problem become failed to update intel haxm.. and after that the huge msgbox appeared that i posted earlier. 
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