Android Studio Help needed with syntax

0 Dharmesh Rana · October 26, 2015
Hey guys,

I just started working on android Studio and learning to create my own apps.  

Anyone know if there is a website or place where there is a list of syntax to use in AS?  Similar to how matlab has mathworks or HTML and CSS has W3schools.  

I know java from using ecplise but I noticed the synax is different in AS than from ecplise 

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+1 Gary Whitney · October 27, 2015
The code complete feature makes it pretty hard to get the syntax wrong,

Have you tried the build in help? Seems to have everything you might want.

The Default  Keymap Reference is Awesome.

The definitive source is
0 Tyler Jones · October 28, 2015
The java syntax should be the same. You could be talking about XML.
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