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0 Franz Schmidt · October 26, 2015
Hope someone can help me with this problem:

I want when I open my app for the first time to get to something like an loginscreen or little explaintutorial and after that get to the main homescreen.
But on the second launch of the app I want to get directly to the homescreen without the tutorial to go through.

What's the best method to do this?
Using the homescreen and check preferences if you completed the tutorial or not and link to the tutorial intent if not?
Or using the tutorial activity as main activity and check whether the tutorial has been completed and then link to the homescreen?
Or something else?

Hope you understand my problem and thanks in advance

Greetings Franz

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0 bekalu mogne · October 28, 2015
waw the best site wat evry body have to know as it is time of tehnology
0 Franz Schmidt · October 27, 2015
No I know how to start a new project or how to get to the android homescreen I was looking for Gary's answer but thanks anyways :D
0 Franz Schmidt · October 26, 2015
Ok thanks 
Will try this unluckily it's not that short to use a DialogFragment :ermm:

Though thanks Gary 
0 Gary Whitney · October 26, 2015

If your instructions are small you could use a DialogFragment instead of an Activity to display them.

Either way I would use a preference to track if this was the first time.
Then check it from my launcher activity and decide on displaying  the tutorial.

boolean hasVisited = sp.getBoolean("hasVisited", false);
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