Emulator Shows Process Not responding? :(

0 Akshay Narula · October 26, 2015
whenever i launch AVD 
it shows process is not responding dialogue with wait or nobutton
whether i choose wait  or no , there is no change

Plz Help Plz


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0 DARWIN V TOMY · October 30, 2015
Try third party emulators like genymotion ,It wont use most of your RAM
0 Akshay Narula · October 30, 2015
Okey #Thanks for Advising me right.
0 Gary Whitney · October 30, 2015
12 to 15 minutes sound like no HAXM.

The 1 GB limit was established when you installed HAXM.
4GB of RAM is not very much and an i3 is the lowest of the ix processors.
Bottom line is your speed is probably  limited by your laptop.

If Greymotion is fast,  then use it!
After all the goal is to test your code.
0 Akshay Narula · October 29, 2015
Hmm i did it all..
The Emulator in this studio is very slow in process. It takes almost 12 to 15 minutes.

So instead of using internal emulator, I installed a Alternative Emulator for faster process, Genymotion.
The Genymotion is very Quick and Fast, takes only 30 to 40 seconds.
It works pretty good.

And as you say,check ram issue and clone device, so i found that that the AVD device i am using with ram more than HAXM limit
and whenever i launch emulator it stuck there,
So i decided to Re Configure AVDevice and change ram to 960
as my HAXMis of 1GB.
Now After i changed the ram to 960MB, it works slight faster than previous one, now it opens in just 3 to 4 minutes.

Before Asking My Question
Here My Laptop Info is:-
4Gb Ram
8.1 Windows 
intel core i3 2Ghz 5th gen

My Question is
Whenever i tried to increase HAXM Capacity to more than 1Gb,
And Launch AVDevice of ram congfig  More than 1GB, The Emulator Shows Nothing, and Window OS Not Responding And Slow Down Laptop And Ultimately ShutDown.
How I use AVDevices of more than 1GB RAM, can i have to use Genymotion Alternative Emulator Everytime?
is External Emulator are Good? 
What am i Do?
0 Gary Whitney · October 27, 2015
I think I remember in your post about the device taking up half the screen you stated you  increased the memory size.
In your screenshot I see the error stating that you are requesting to much ram.
Try this to solve both problems.
In the AVD manager:
1, Click the Create clone the Create Virtual Device button.
2. Select the Nexus 5 and click the Clone Device button.
3. Select the scale of 4dp  on device = 1 px on the screen, on  the Verify Virtual Device Configuration screen.

That should do it!
Now close any any emulators you have running and select your new device and launch it.
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