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+1 william appiah-dankwah · October 24, 2015
does anyone know how to write a javascript search box that searches for words?

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · October 24, 2015
I literarily spent days and days searching for this. I came across a couple things.

You could use FireBase to do search queries.

You could use Ajax and jQuery to pull data from an XML or JSON file.

Or you could use a library:

There are tons of resources on the internet. Also if you get thing to work nicely with your site please let me know.
+1 william appiah-dankwah · October 25, 2015
thanks abdullah i haven't been coding for a while now so ill have to refresh my mind and once i start it ill get back to you
+1 william appiah-dankwah · October 25, 2015
also the git hub link does not work
+1 Abdullah Nauman · October 25, 2015
Run these commands inside the terminal:

> sudo apt-get install nodejs
> sudo apt-get install npm
> sudo apt-get update
> npm install bower -g
> bower install list.fuzzysearch.js
0 william appiah-dankwah · October 25, 2015
is that for pc i am using a mac what will it do?
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