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0 FAHAD HABIB · October 23, 2015
Hello guys,
I am completely new to mac and c++.I don't know anything about programming and mac(Xcode or anything).
but I'm highly interested in c++ and it is now my school subject as well. So how do i program c++ in mac like which software and how to use that software ? Because i tried text wrangler and Xcode, and i just don't know how to use them.
Thank You

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0 Cristiano Cappagli · October 24, 2015
Uhm i think Codeblocks is also available for Mac :) you should try to download it :P
Unless you can try to use Notepad++ which is a good text editor :D
0 Scott Walker · October 26, 2015
If you use Code::Blocks for Mac make sure you disable auto-complete. There is a bug in the Mac version which causes it to crash
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