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0 gal amir · October 23, 2015
can any1 help me with a problem i get while trying to install the beautifulsoup4 and requsts modules?
on both i get installation failed error, and it says no pip module found.
i saw theres a pip package to install but when trying that i also get the same error

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0 sfolje 0 · October 24, 2015
how did you try to install pip package? what were your steps when installing them? Can you post exact error you got?
btw, if u r using pycharm it is very easy to install them by going into settings(Ctrl+Alt+S) -> then type word 'interpreter' in the search box (or go under Project: my_project) -> Project interpreter: -> choose python 3.5 -> click "+" ((install)) button -> select requests ->
now you should see table and 'requests' writen under Package column.
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